NVR NUDE — because with jewellery you never are

The pop of hot pink lips. A warm kiss that lingers just long enough. The feeling of cashmere against bare skin.
NVR NUDE is jewellery that celebrates your bold, sensual moments. 

Adorn yourself.







Intimately handcrafted
joyfully worn

There’s a sensual communion between your body and the jewellery you adorn it with. The same can be said of the artisan and the jewellery they create. When we craft your NVR NUDE piece, we delight in obsessing over every detail, so that when you slip it on, you feel a tactile joy like no other.

Guided by curiosity
for the craft

Our founder Kelsey Merkeley is a collector, explorer, and world traveller. After training alongside Master Goldsmiths to hone historical and modern fine jewellery-making techniques, Kelsey is able to refine each aspect of NVR NUDE’s sophisticated artisanal process.

You are a
thing of beauty

Memories, moments, and secrets are woven into the jewellery we make our own. Each intricate detail reflects the steps you take, the places you call home, and the sweetheart you call yours. Work alongside our Master Goldsmith to create a custom memento that captures your unique story, no matter what chapter you’re on.

Loved by

From the beginning of the process Kelsey was a pleasure to work with. She listened to my ideas and wanted to find more about the story behind my ring. She presented me with a ton of ideas and then worked with me to finalize the design. She responded quickly to all my questions and worked incredibly quickly from the design to the finished product. I couldn’t be more happy with the beautiful final ring. I think she captured exactly what I wanted and I will treasure it for years to come. I would recommend NVR NUDE to anyone looking to develop a personalized peice of jewellery that tells a story while also being beautiful. Thanks Kelsey!


Kelsey is wildly creative + such a multi faceted woman, it’s always such a pleasure to work with her. Her attention to detail, her wisdom, + her ability to really listen + FEEL through the story of what a piece of jewellery stands for is incredible. Quality, integrity, heart + creativity … NVR NUDE is IT.


I’ve worked with Kelsey to create 3 pieces through our design relationship; she’s easy to work with and I find what I envision is effortlessly brought to life. I’m grateful to have her creativity and spark in my treasured network of creative women. Looking forward to our long future of creations, together.
— Look no further


Kelsey was a dream to work with! I had a difficult request: I wanted to combine my grandmother’s ring with my partner’s grandmother’s ring, into a modern engagement ring (two types of gold and 9 diamonds of varying sizes). Kelsey not only reassured me it was possible but got me excited about the process and discussed with me how we could integrate all the cultural, historical, mythical, and personal, dynamics I wanted to pour into the ring; she also took into consideration my partner’s jewelry style with pictures I provided, guided me through aspects I have never thought about (like long-term wearability and comfort), and provided with four design options and helped me choose; truly going the extra mile at every corner. The final result is dazzling, far exceeding any expectations I could imagine, and most importantly, my partner absolutely loves it!


Meet you in Italy?

Our inspiration

With its bright, beach-inspired patterns and dome-like shapes, Signature Stripes is a tribute to the flirty freshness of time spent in Italy. These fun pieces celebrate the iconic Mediterranean beach stripes on towels and umbrellas, with a nod to Italy’s arched bridges. Each NVR NUDE piece combines the cachet of a foreign locale with the simple beauty of everyday wearability.