NVR NUDE — because with jewellery you never are

Balancing the flirtatious with the functional, our jewellery strikes a chord. It is elegantly timeless, yet modern — with a splash of signature quirk. It favours the fresh, cherishes the chic, and delights in the delicate. It is bold, unapologetic, and powerful.

Just like the woman wearing it.







Always authentic
always artisanal

The creation of each NVR NUDE piece is a sensual and intuitive undertaking, in which each microscopic detail is honed by meditative attention. We aim to establish an intimacy between your jewellery and your body, and craft each NVR NUDE piece with a tactile joy and playfulness that we know you will feel as soon as you put yours on.

Founded on a fascination for
quality craftsmanship

Our founder has travelled globally and worked with industry leaders to acquire hands on training in historical and modern fine jewellery making techniques to be able to refine every aspect of our sophisticated artisanal process.

Intriguing pieces that salute
noteworthy moments

Jewellery can express what we cherish the most. It can be the connection to a special person, place, season of life — or a secret memory that’s yours alone. Celebrate your story and create a memento that honours YOUR unique YOU.

As seen in

fun, fresh, flirtatious

Our inspiration

Signature Stripes is a tribute to time spent in Italy. The pieces celebrate the domed structures and arched bridges of its cities and the bright Mediterranean beach culture of stripes on stripes (umbrellas, lounge chairs, towels, etc.). The sense of the exceptional and the quotidian, which surround us in foreign climes, informed each piece of jewellery in this collection.