Fortune favours the boldest women

There’s beauty in you and all around you. NVR NUDE is a fine jewellery brand that honours your fierce individuality, while complementing your elegant nature. We combine skilful expertise with a love of the avant-garde to create jewellery that holds and celebrates your treasured memories and adorns you with simple decadence.

A NVR NUDE woman knows that…

Elegance and boldness can exist in harmony

Strength and resilience make the world a more beautiful place

There’s abundant delight in the tiniest details

More jewellery is almost always better


To stay true to the integrity of our products and the quality of our craftsmanship, each NVR NUDE piece is handmade to order using time-honoured techniques and ethically sourced materials. We use 100% recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds that are qualified by The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (United Nations General Assembly Resolution 55/56, 2003). Each piece is made in Canada.

the founder

Kelsey Merkeley is NVR NUDE’s Creative Director and Designer. She looks to adventure, art, pattern, blue skies, and the joy of savouring simple, sensual moments for inspiration.

As a little girl, Kelsey cherished precious objects and adored playing dress-up. She delighted in the magical discovery of beautiful things tucked away in nature. She adorned her fingers with her grandmother’s finest rings and admired the exquisite trinkets her surgeon grandfather brought home from his overseas assignments.

Marvelling at the beauty and intricacy of each object, Kelsey discovered how the treasures we collect and create hold individual meaning and help us express who we are.


She cultivated her childhood curiosity of objects by travelling before studying anthropology and ritual adornment practices. It was in these moments that Kelsey discovered her jewellery-making path.

She sought out apprenticeships with the world’s finest jewellery artists and craftspeople. She called bustling jewellery meccas — Mumbai, Bangkok, London, L.A., and Florence — home.

Using her hands-on training in historical and modern techniques, Kelsey now uses her expertise to partner with world-class brands, craft her unmistakable jewellery collections, and design bespoke pieces.

For Kelsey, the simple is the most sensual. A kiss that lingers. A vase of pink tulips on the table. The taste of a perfect cappuccino with a pinch of cinnamon. Small details become memories we savour forever. Kelsey playfully integrates each sparkle of perfection, each moment of bliss, into every piece of jewellery she creates.

Love, Kelsey

Kelsey was absolutely fantastic to work with in designing an engagement ring for my partner. I had a vision and she brought it to life and made it 100 times better than I ever imagined. Working with Kelsey was so simple and she always went above and beyond to help me understand the “do’s and don’t’s” around ring design and what would be practical. I had a ton of fun designing the ring with Kelsey and she always kept me updated with photos and models she created. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help me through this experience and I will definitely be going back to Kelsey for our wedding rings in the future.


Just wanted to write a quick message to say thank you!!! I had an old piece of jewelry from my grandmother and a few ideas floating around in my head that I wanted to be turned into a ring. The entire process with Kelsey was an enjoyable and stress free experience, we shared a few ideas and quickly I had some drawings to decide on, and in the end a simply beautiful one off piece that tells a story and includes some family heritage. Gentleman, get away from the big stores and design a one off piece, choose a local designer like Kelsey and create something from the heart that your loved one will cherish, you will not regret working with Kelsey. I don’t know why it took me so long as it was such an easy process.Thank you so much. This has been such a wonderful process I cannot wait to ask the question and tell the history of the ring!!


Kelsey you made our experience personal, exciting and remarkably stress-free. We LOVE our wedding rings. It was with your talented guidance that you brought out our creative side and helped us design our perfect wedding rings. Your attention to detail, design & industry knowledge made your service exceed our expectations. It was our pleasure to have worked so closely with you. Thank you!

Mat + Heather

I recently had the pleasure of working with Kelsey in creating a one of a kind piece for my mom. Our first meeting was brainstorming and within days she had several sketches drawn for me to choose a design. She not only had the final piece ready in a short time frame, she kept me informed throughout the entire process. I couldn’t be happier with the completed piece but most importantly, my mom was over the moon and absolutely loves it! It’s a stunning piece and so well done, Kelsey is an extremely talented and thoughtful artist. I can’t thank Kelsey enough for handcrafting a family treasure!


Working with Kelsey was amazing, she was prompt, personable and professional! She went the extra mile to ensure that I was completely satisfied with the design and execution of the final product. I will definitely think of Kelsey first when it comes time to add another piece!


I cannot speak highly enough about Kelsey. I love, love, love, my ring, it is my most prized possession! The design truly speaks to me as an individual. When I contracted Kelsey to help design and make my ring she was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was patient, kind, and forthcoming with ideas of what I would like. We went through a wonderful, fun, and creative design process together to reach the final product. I do not have long fingers so the design I wanted needed to be tweaked enough to fit my hand and my style. She accomplished it perfectly with her amazing skills and talent, my ring is a detailed work of art. I get so many compliments on my ring from strangers and friends alike! I am so proud that I get to wear something truly unique on my finger, having a one of a kind wedding ring is something genuinely special that gives me joy to look at. The ring represents so much as my engagement ring but as well for my love for the outdoors and the mountains in which my husband I live. Kelsey was able to take design elements from my engagement ring and put them into my husband’s wedding band. My ring has specific mountains that I had picked out and she was able to use the same silhouette on his ring! The rings are the perfect pair! Thank you so much Kelsey, you are truly a Gem!


Working with Kelsey at NVR NUDE on an engagement ring was one of the best experiences I’ve had with any business ever. The service and quality of the ring are top-notch. She walked me through the process, provided suggestions, and answered any questions I had. The result is a beautiful, custom ring that was within my budget and on my doorstep by the date I requested. It’s something my fiancé and I will cherish forever. I can’t thank NVR NUDE enough and look forward to spreading the word and working with this outstanding Canadian company again in the future.