Kelsey Merkeley is the internationally-recognized and award-winning designer, goldsmith, and creative leader behind NVR NUDE. Her work is a form of play, and a celebration of the materials around her that she’s continually inspired by. 

Moonlight in a freshwater pearl; the sweet smell of lilac. A snap of colour reflecting in a gemstone’s perfect facet. A flirtatious glance; a good, hearty laugh. These everyday observations inform each piece of jewellery that Kelsey brings to life.

A reader, researcher, and traveller by nature, Kelsey weaves a rich and eclectic tapestry of cultures and teachings into her work. She has lived, worked, and studied in Mumbai, Bangkok, London, Los Angeles, Florence, New Zealand, Kenya, and Canada, to name a few, and has learned from some of the world’s most renowned craftspeople and prestigious jewellery institutes. After a decade of involvement at the forefront of influential jewellery and gem industries, Kelsey intimately knows her craft. 

Understanding that jewellery can be the talisman of our most treasured memories, Kelsey balances her modern artistry with an immaculate nostalgia. Even as a child, she was inspired by her vibrant grandmother, whose layers of extravagant jewellery were a declaration of the elegance that comes from courageous individuality. 

Kelsey synthesizes her skillful expertise and inspired vision to create avant-garde work that finds richness in simplicity, and decadence where it matters most.